About HCN

  About Us

HEALTH CONNECTIONS NETWORKS™ (“HCN”) builds and operates Internet-based networks for the Work Comp/Occupational Medicine market.  HCN networks serve as an important adjunct to existing practice management systems and EMRs, creating a kind of “Work Comp e-Community” that delivers tangible benefits to Providers, Employers, Payers, and TPA’s. HCN saves time and money by reducing the cumbersome administrative burdens that result from today’s traditionally paper-based processes.

HCN captures all Work Comp/Occupational Medicine-related patient medical data directly from member Hospital/Clinic systems, converts the information into XML and stores it in dedicated Clinical Document Repositories (CDR’s).  Our User Interface layer then presents both clinical documents and encounter reports along with corresponding bills to the appropriate network members only after they have successfully registered and electronically authenticated to the network. HCN Users are then further qualified on a rules-and-roles basis that gets the right information to the right individuals at the right time.

Groundbreaking Web-Services Architecture

Through its groundbreaking Web-Services architecture, HCN can interface with virtually any practice management and Work Comp data system. HCN exceeds the requirements of applicable HIPAA security regulations, using a tight registration process to issue Digital Certificates along with User ID and Passwords to authenticate users, as well as provide keys for encryption and decryption functionality.


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