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Case Tracker

HCN’s Case Tracker lets you get a complete list of all the cases you’re authorized to view, placing the latest cases at the top of the list. You can refine search results to see older or inactive cases using criteria such as Patient Name, Patient ID, Company Name, Social Security Number, Account Number and Case Number.

With one click, HCN presents a complete list of all documents associated with any particular Patient or Case. Document types include transcribed Notes, Invoices, Work Status Reports, and other documents typically associated with Work Comp such as Radiology reports and Physical Therapy Notes. The presentation of the list is more than just saying “These are the 27 documents associated with the case”. Unique identifying information is clearly displayed with each case, eliminating the need to sort through successive documents to find the right one.Consistent Placement & Presentation of Data HCN documents are converted to, and stored in, XML format. XML allows HCN to display document content in a standard format no matter what system produced it or when it was created. Consistent placement and presentation of data makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for. HCN brings it all together.
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