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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

We know that currently, HIPAA regulations do not specifically apply to Occupational Medicine. We also know that sometimes, non-Occupational Medicine data can be inadvertently introduced into the Occ Med data stream and we believe that it’s only a matter of time before Occ Med falls under HIPAA. The HCN network more than complies with the strictest HIPAA regulations concerning the privacy of patient and medical information whether Occ Med related or not.

HCN provides the entire network with “self-service” access to specific case-related information without interrupting the Provider or HCO staff. HCN’s HIPAA Audit Log records the details of every document access: who, what, when (date and time) – whether the access was by HCN user or background system process.

SECURITY Network / Infrastructure SecurityHCN system infrastructure is not only protected by multiple state-of-the-art data firewalls in a class 5 Data Center, it also incorporates a platform called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). By using these technologies, you can be assured that HCN is protecting user and patient confidentiality and privacy. All connectivity into and out of our servers is encrypted with digital keys that are longer than those used by most banks.User access to HCN requires a two-factor authentication. User-id and strong passwords are used in conjunction with HCN issued X.509 client certificates so that both the user-id/password combination along with the digital certificate are required to gain access to HCN.  


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