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HCN Application Suite


HCN’s Application Suite provides you with on-demand access to Work Comp Case Documents no matter where you are in the chain of care. 

***Important to note that HCN is not the originating source for case documentation; rather, HCN contains encrypted copies of all the case documentation that relates to all Work Comp / Occupational Health cases for all stakeholders who are part of the HCN Network.***

HCN Work-flow Engine

HCN’s work-flow engine notifies users of work that needs immediate attention, the arrival of new case documents and any quality issues (such as “Exception resolutions”) with case documents and/or data that need to be addressed.

HCN Networks Automate Data SharingHCN networks automate and orchestrate data sharing and clinical management of Work Comp cases through a thorough set of business rules that drive a powerful application suite that is both highly intuitive and easy to use.  HCN facilitates data sharing among all in-network stakeholders allowing each to manage their own Case Documentation.  Additionally, paper forms, snail mail, and FAXing is minimized or completely eliminated; data entry redundancy is reduced, and administration is streamlined.  Reporting to all parties is automated; referrals and documentation are processed in real or near-real time and treatment plans are quickly developed, transmitted, and approved.  Documentation, billing, and payment are also facilitated. Ultimately, treatment is managed more effectively and efficiently, often returning the employee to work faster by removing information bottlenecks that adversely impact quality of care.HCN Offers Clear BenefitsHCN offers clear benefits for all stakeholders. Healthcare Providers/Practices are better able to deliver high quality healthcare to injured employees and still maintain a productive and profitable practice free from the unnecessary administrative burdens traditionally associated with Work Comp.  In addition, Providers/Practices realize an immediate revenue benefit from transaction-fee sharing with HCN.Better Monitor Injured Workers’ Status

Employers and Payers can better monitor an injured employee’s status and control Work Comp costs and administration, thereby reducing liability for costs of care and replacement wages. Further, all parties have immediate access to evidence-based medical data that they can use to benchmark quality of care, define Provider networks, and refine epidemiological approaches to care.


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