TPA’s / Case Managers

The Situation

When you work in Work Comp / Occupational Medicine, you know your ability to reach the right party with the right information at the right time is at the very heart of being able to deliver better outcomes.

The problem is today’s Work Comp / Occupational Medicine infrastructure is so fragmented and involves so many stakeholders using so many disparate devices, that none, taken by itself, can properly meet the market’s increasing demands to quickly and efficiently share sensitive patient information “Beyond The Boundaries Of The Enterprise” which is to say: between Providers/Practices, Employers, Payers and other authorized parities like Case Managers and TPAs.

The reason?

Each of these entities, operating its own unique practice management and/or claims management data system, is focused on their own internal business processes and maintaining the security of their own unique ‘information silo’. Building HIPAA-secure connections between silo’s of disparate enterprises has neither been their focus nor has it been viewed as being within the realm of possibility. The result is a myopic view of the Work Comp world resulting in cumbersome, paper-based processes driven by mail and FAX that burns money and delivers sub-optimal outcomes.

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The HCN Solution

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