About HCN

HCN In Brief

HEALTH CONNECTIONS NETWORKS™ (“HCN”) builds and operates secure electronic networks for the Work Comp/Occupational Medicine market. By building tight linkages between all Work Comp stakeholders – Providers, Self-Insured Employers, Payers, TPA’s – HCN helps manage costs, improve medical care and accelerate return-to-work — driving better outcomes for all.

Groundbreaking Web-Services Architecture

Through its groundbreaking Web-Services architecture, HCN can interface with virtually any practice management or clinical data system, providing members with on-demand access to all appropriate case documentation, thereby streamlining processes and substantially lowering costs for all stakeholders.

HCN Improves Outcomes

HCN improves outcomes by changing the way Providers communicate patient data to Payers, Employers and other authorized entities. Linking the community of stakeholders involved in the care and treatment of injured workers via our Internet-based networks extends Work Comp process automation Beyond The Boundaries Of The Enterprise.   HCN network membership creates a kind of “Work Comp e-Community” that provides Web-based access to all case-related documents, near instant feedback on treatment authorizations, real-time communication and comprehensive case tracking.



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