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Authorizations & Appointments Manager

HCN’s Authorizations & Appointments Manager enables Providers to electronically request authorizations and announce appointments. On the other side, HCN allows Payers and Employers to request appointments and provide treatment authorizations.  Once an authorization has been granted, HCN automatically notifies all appropriate parties. HCN can also publish advance appointment notices including appointment changes / cancellations.

“It is … trying to obtain authorizations and the challenge between dealing with the claims adjuster [and] … the nurse case manager … where we find the most flaws in terms of trying to get authorizations.” “Now with the change in the laws there is the whole issue of utilization review. It is not just you can call the adjuster and ask for authorization and arrange referrals. It is more now everything has to be in writing and you have to wait and then the adjusters may have not transmitted all of the information to the nurse case manager and utilization review person. So it is back and forth and faxes. That is one of our big challenges in trying to work with this paperwork and authorization process.”— Anonymous Provider
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