Providers / Practices

The HCN Solution

Benefits to Healthcare Providers/Practices:

  • Quickly and easily establish your practice as a center of excellence while at the same time monetizing your IT investments
  • Become recognized as a member of what will ultimately emerge as a national network of best-in-class Providers
  • Provide high-quality health care to injured employees and still maintain a productive and profitable practice free from the unnecessary administrative duplication and process inefficiencies normally associated with Work Comp
  • Enable your practice to communicate directly with the insurance companies and self-insureds
  • Look better as a practice by being able to submit notes and bills electronically
  • Realize a rapid ROI on invested capital from transaction fee sharing with HCN
    • You make a small investment up front
    • You make your money back in the first year
    • Plus you share in the ongoing revenue
  • Builds Relationships and Opportunities
    • Establish or improve relationships with—and get more referrals for WORK COMP services from—local Employers, other healthcare professionals and Payers
    • On the practice side, you’re going to make a small investment up front, you’re going to make your money back, plus you get to share in the revenue.  It’s an investment, and a small investment at that!
  • Provides Connectivity
    • Access a state-of-the-art, automated business and clinical process system that allows you to interact directly online with a network of WORK COMP Employers, Payers, and other healthcare Providers/Practices; extend claims process automation beyond the boundaries of the enterprise
  • Streamlines Internal Processes
    • Shift to paperless operations
    • Manage back-office processes and secure external communications for needed information/approvals from Employers, Payers, and other healthcare Providers/Practices
    • Transmit real-time authorizations, clinical documents, referrals, and appointments  for improved coordination and implementation of effective WORK COMP treatment plans
    • Your own internal folks don’t have to waste time on redundant phone calls
    • Access whichever clinical guidelines/practice parameters you want (e.g.: ACOEM UMK, or ODG, or the practice’s own proprietary guidelines, etc.)
  • Improves Billings and Reimbursements
    • Obtain immediate revenue opportunity from shared transaction fees
    • Improve quality of billing & billing corrections process
    • Realize faster reimbursement of claims due to improved data sharing, case management and documentation
  • Measures Outcomes
    • Benchmark the quality of care you provide against other local Providers/Practices, supplying you with a competitive quality of care edge



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