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HCN Corporate Organizational Structure and Leaders
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Business Development, Strategy and Communications

Loren H. Oury -President / CEO / Chairman

BDS and C plans and executes marketing, business development and communications strategies for the company. BDS and C is the first source of timely news and information about HCN, its business plans, opportunities and the important work employees are doing to ensure a healthy, competitive future.


Ken Meeker – Consultant

Assists in all areas of the operations organization with the mission and core beliefs of company, manages the financial performance of the business associated with operations, and is responsible for promoting a strong team environment.

Process Development

William Oates – Vice President, Business Process Development

Process Development defines and documents all business processes and associated functional requirements supported by HCN facilities. These requirements and resultant design concepts are used by the development team(s) to code. Process Development collaborates with Community stakeholders and all departments within HCN to identify areas of improvement, measure before-and-after impact and drive waste out of the system.

Product Development

Vacant – Vice President, Product Development

Product Development is responsible for the design and development of client and server software as well as the maintenance, operation and deployment of the back-end hardware infrastructure. In conjunction with these non-customer facing responsibilities, Product Development oversees client systems integration executed during the deployment phase of HCN projects.

Marketing and Sales 

Rob Gross – Vice President, Sales and Marketing


M & S develops and executes the marketing and sales plans.  Acts as initial contact with customer and provides sales support during the deployment process.


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