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HCN Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCN?

HCN is both a broad suite of easy-to-use Web-Based applications and a closed “members only” electronic network that links Occupational Medicine Providers to the Payers, Employers and other authorized Third Parties with whom they interact in the care and treatment of ill and injured workers. The HCN network allows authorized members to use the HCN application suite to obtain secure electronic copies of all types of notes, reports and invoices that are typically associated with Work Comp/Occupational Medicine cases.

How do I benefit from using HCN?

Whether you are a Provider, a Payer, an Employer or a TPA, HCN is designed to deliver direct benefit to you and to your organization, securely linking you to all your Work Comp business partners. HCN’s networks streamline communications between all stakeholders, improve medical and administrative outcomes, and lower costs. HCN automatically notifies you when a case is updated, allows you to view appointments notes and invoices, and aggregates case data to one web page. It does not matter which Provider produced the information or whether multiple providers created data for the case, all documents relating to a case are collected and presented on one screen. HCN streamlines communications by providing an integrated “Instant Messenger” that automatically encrypts all incoming and outgoing messages, allowing risk managers and other decision makers in the Work Comp value chain to share information, securely over the Internet. HCN helps you save time, improve communications and enhance the quality of service to the workers your business serves.

What types of documents will I see in HCN?

HCN is capable of presenting virtually any document type from virtually any type of system. Typically, Occupational Medicine cases include many of the following: chart notes, invoices, physicals, drug screens, PR1’s, PR2’s and various other documents. No matter what they are, HCN can recognize and display them all.

How does HCN improve communication?

HCN improves communication between Employers, Payers and their respective Health Care Providers through multiple avenues. HCN’s embedded secure Instant Messenger client allows anyone in the network, including risk managers and other decision makers, to chat about the cases on which they are working. HCN instantly shows which cases have been authorized, which appointments have been set, all while helping expedite the resolution of ambiguous case data by pointing out inconsistencies in notes and invoices, no matter what systems originated those notes and invoices.

Can my entire team use HCN?

Yes. Anyone can be on “Team HCN”. And by the term “Anyone,” we mean people both within your organization as well as those outside your organization (“beyond the boundaries of the enterprise”), such as TPA’s and Insurance Carriers. Case Team members are invited to join HCN and then assigned one or more functional roles that control what each Team Member may and may not see.

Is training available for HCN?

Yes. HCN offers outstanding customer support to help answer any of your HCN-related questions. Once invited to join HCN, an HCN implementation expert will call to make sure that you have accessed HCN successfully and offer training on all HCN capabilities. In addition, Users have direct access to the HCN Knowledge Base that answers many of the HCN related question you might have.

Can I use HCN if I am not connected to the Internet?

No. HCN is a browser-based application and may only be accessed when an Internet connection is active.

How do I sign up?

Easy. Simply give us a call at 1-630-868-7805 ext-782 and ask for Ken Meeker



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