The HCN Solution

Benefits to Employers:

  • Enjoy a very close tie-in with in-network Providers
  • Better monitor status of an injured employee early on in the case
  • Control Work Comp costs and administration
  • Help drive better medical and disability outcomes for your employees
  • Provides Connectivity
    • Identifies Providers/Practices through a Web-based application that provides high-quality care with better, faster outcomes
  • Monitors Progress/Streamlines Processes
    • Monitors injured employee’s care and utilization through the real-time, interactive capabilities of the HCN system
    • Eliminates unnecessary hassles, wasted time, and employee treatment delays associated with poor documentation, disorganized treatment planning, improper referrals, missed appointments and billing errors
  • Reduces Costs
    • Controls direct costs, such as cost of care and indemnity for lost wages associated with WORK COMP
    • Impacts indirect costs, such as administration and case management
  • Improves Outcomes
    • Helps injured workers return-to-work more quickly by accelerating communications and authorizations processes
      • The ability of occupational Providers/Practices to return a higher proportion of injured workers to work early and shorten claims durations is a major factor influencing outcomes where, according to a recent study done by Johns Hopkins and the Louisiana Work Comp Corporation looking at healthcare Provider network vs. out-of-network results, the average frequency of lost workdays for a closed claim was reduced by 46% while the corresponding average cost of a closed claim was reduced by 38%.



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